Twitter Feed (Me): Porn Stars Tweet Because They Care

Sorry “Twitter Feed (Me)” was late this week. It’s entirely my fault, and I will make it up to you guys with blowjobs. So line those cocks up after checking out what your fave fuckers are doing on Twitter! – Michael Xavier Beaux Banks is warming up. Warming Up 😌 #ShakeTheNervesOut — Beaux Banks […]

Let’s Get Kinky: His Butt’s In A Sling

Is a sling considered kinky? Wouldn’t that make ANY sex apparatus kinky? Let’s proceed as if it is. The first scene of TitanMen’s “SLING,” features sexy Adam Ramzi getting his bubble butt slammed by the god that is Jason Vario. That sling really comes in handy, huh? You can really line that ass up and […]

Twitter Feed (Me): Porn Tweets For The Aughts

What have those professional sluts you love and jerk off to been doing on Twitter this week? Let’s take a look, shall we? – Michael Xavier Luke Adams has that shower booty. Happy Hump Day!! Shower time!!! 😜😜 — Luke Adams (@LukeAdamsXXX) March 29, 2017 Jacob Durham gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what […]

The 2017 Grabby Nominations Were Announced (And We Were Nominated!)

The Grabbys are the porn equivalent of the Oscars (but with far hotter people and surely way less boring and probably less fuck-ups). There’s a problem, and all of you porn fans can empathize with me on this one. Cuz’ the 2017 Grabby nominations have been announced, and there are SO MANY FUCKING nominees in […]

Raging Stallion: What Happens Backstage, Stays Backstage

Bruno Bernal. Jason Vario. Chris Harder. Damien Michaels. They’re all backstage, fucking their brains out and overshadowing the action on-stage! Throwing Bruno on his back, Jason pounds Bruno in missionary position, and Bruno’s high-top sneakers press against Jason’s sweaty chest. When he’s ready to cum, Jason jerks his cock and loose with an enormous blast […]

Twitter Feed (Me): Who’s Posting Dirty Things On Twitter?

As you probably guessed, we had some technical bullshit happen on Friday afternoon which prevented any new posts from going up until this morning. I didn’t do it, but I will apologize on behalf of my company. The hiatus in posting meant that one of our more popular features, “Twitter Feed (Me)”, didn’t go up! […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Horny Men In Uniform

Does that face up there look familiar? If so, don’t worry! You’re not having an inexplicable case of déjà vu. That’s Darius Falke in the 2006 Titan Men film Cop Shack on 101, directed by Joe Gage. He’s part of a six-scene compilation the studio put together, featuring classic scenarios Gage brought to life involving various […]

Editor’s Picks: The 100 Sexiest Men of 2013

My indecision will be the death of me. After assembling part one and part two of our “Sexiest Men of 2013” countdowns based on popularity alone, I decided it was far too much to choose a top ten from the 250+ names I jotted down in consideration for my “Editor’s Picks” list… So, naturally, I […]

I’ve Never Done This Before: The Best Virgins & First-Timers of 2013

Back in August, we introduced our I’ve Never Done This Before, a spanking new series dedicated to bottoming debuts, guys fucking another man’s ass for the first time and even simpler introductory tasks like handjobs. Let me repeat that—“Back in August”. With that timeline in mind, we had to take some liberties with this Best […]