Hot Or Not: TitanMen’s Newest Exclusive Liam Knox

Manhunt Daily has the survey function back, and I am boned over it! Surveys are the balls! People LOVE having their opinion asked! Our penis size survey was a big hit! Let’s do it again! Meet TitanMen’s newest exclusive – Liam Knox! (You can find more of Liam at TitanMen.) – Michael Xavier “The moment […]

Instahot: Porn Stars To Follow On Instagram

Well, they’re not just on Twitter. Porn dudes are ALL over Instagram. You gotta have your ass EVERYWHERE in the age of social media. Now, unlike Twitter, you really can’t show anything that explicit on Instagram. Instead you get…filters? Ok, that trade sucks. But a lot of our fave-rave porn performers skirt the rules and […]

Get Titan Men For $14.95 – FOR LIFE!

This is exclusive to you, our beloved Manhunt Daily readers. Imagine you’re on your deathbed and you can ascend to the next plane of human consciousness knowing that you were able to get all of the musclestud goodness that Titan Men has to offer for $14.95 a month for your entire life? Granted, death isn’t […]

Happy Anniversary, Baby! Let’s Flip-Fuck!

This is one hot Air BnB listing. It’s Jesse Jackman and Bruce Beckham’s 10th anniversary (just go with me on this one). David Benjamin is buying FAR too many shoes and he and his lover Dallas Steele can barely afford the rent on their palatial estate (just go with me on this one). The solution? […]

Let’s Get Kinky: Tyler Rush Gets Tied Up. A Lot.

In the latest offering from Bound Gods, Tyler Rush gets stripped, smacked bodily with a broom, strapped to a sawhorse with duct tape, mouth raped, untied and retied hanging from the ceiling, flogged, body painted with grease, forced to wear makeshift dog and nose ears, stuffed with a tail buttplug, fucked in his doggy ass, […]

Meet Titan’s Newest Superstar: Bruce Beckham’s Chest

You guys – I might be in love with these pecs. It’s serious.   The guys over at Titan are all really excited about Blueprint, the newest release featuring a very familiar-looking house, and their newest superstar, Bruce Beckham. Now, there’s essentially no part of this dude I don’t like. Victoria Beckham was hands-down the […]

2016 Grabbys Liveblog

The 2016 Grabby Awards: Porn’s Biggest Night   Ok! We’re here, live, from the Grabby Awards in beautiful (albeit rainy and humid) Chicago, Illinois. If you haven’t looked over the nominations list yet, do it now. Every category has about 20 nominees, s0 I’m very curious how this event isn’t going to take 9 hours […]

CockyCon/SteamWorks Chicago : Grabbys Weekend Dispatches

I can’t believe how fast this weekend goes!   So after I got that XXX-Men scene up yesterday, I raced off to the opening of Cockyboys‘ weekend-long fan event at the Music Box Theater in Chicago. CockyCon started a couple years ago as a way for the guys who make Cockyboys happen to meet the […]


The Grabbys were announced this week and went pretty exactly as expected.   If you’ve been paying any attention to Titan Men this/last year, or even just casually reading this blog and all our Cauke Talk, you’re certain to be whatever the opposite of surprised is to hear that Titan is officially the most nominated […]

Guys In Sweatpants LIVE SHOW

With Austin Wilde, Brian Bonds, and Liam Cyber.   And meeee! Living vicariously through their antics. If you’ve never done one of these liveblogs here before before, you can check out this one I did with Dallas Steele’s show to get you up to speed. Otherwise, lie back, get comfortable, get logged into and hit CAMS, […]