One Direction: “Kiss You”

One Direction Kiss You music video

One Direction Kiss You music video

Remember that feeling you had when you first heard “Party In The USA” and silently hated yourself for enjoying a song by Miley Cyrus? You’re about to feel that way about One Direction (if you weren’t already a fan of the boy band prior to today).

Let’s start with the music! “Kiss You” is, quite possibly, the catchiest song ever recorded in the history of pop music by anyone with a voice. It digs a deep grave for “Call Me Maybe“, leaving it behind in 2012 and ushering in a new year where everything on the radio might not be awful. This track solidifies One Direction’s position as the boy band of today’s generation. It makes The Wanted look like the 98 Degrees or LFO to these guys’ Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC.

Obviously, the video has something to do with the song’s appeal. The clip takes the five young men and throws them onto all sorts of zany sets, on which they proceed to act intensely adorable. It’s goofy and light-hearted. It fits the song. And it’s fucking great.

Even so, most of these boys have yet to graduate from the “Zac Efron School of Making Me Want To Stick My Dick In You“, so I don’t really get why everyone’s jizzing so hard over them. The one exception is maybe Liam Payne, because that cute little fucker is one hot piece of twink ass.

– Dewitt

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