Obligatory Post About Ben Cohen’s 2013 Calendar


Ben Cohen‘s 2013 calendar is now available for pre-order. Proceeds from each sale will benefit StandUp, the foundation created by the former rugby player to “advance equality for the LGBT community and help at-risk youth stand up against bullying”.

Also? Ben Cohen is hot.

Let’s be honest with one another! Is anyone really buying Ben’s calendar for “charity”? Sure, it’s an added bonus to soothe your soul and make you feel like a good person, but we’ll all know your true intentions, come 2014, when every month’s spread is covered in man-spunk…

Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that! You’re a wonderful person, and I know how much you care about equality, LGBT youth, and world peace and stuff. Go care about those things while masturbating to this behind-the-scenes clip from Ben Cohen’s calendar shoot.

– Dewitt

Click through for a behind-the-scenes video of the calendar shoot: