Naval Cadets Do It “Gangnam Style”


That screencap was totally necessary. It looks like it was taken from a sailor-themed porno, doesn’t it?

This lip dub proves our theory here at Manhunt Daily that navy whites make everything better. It’s the same thing as doing something in a tuxedo. Everyone looks good in Navy dress whites and tuxedos. Hence, the irritating aural drill of South Korean rapper PSY‘s “Gangam Style” is ALMOST endurable here.

The cadets of the 22nd Company at the US Naval Academy have body – broad shoulders, flat stomachs, and nice arms. And the male ones are hot, too! Watching these hotsy future defenders of our freedom do that ANNOYING-ASS dance for the handycam is a lot better than watching some dickhead celebrity do it on Ellen.

– J. Harvey

To watch, Follow the JUMP: