Myles Landon And Talon Reed Fuck In A Post-Apocalyptic “Wasteland”

I love movies where the world has ended and the survivors must battle to survive in the remains. The grittier the better! What’s always missing in those flicks, though, is the guys fucking. You can’t tell me that there wouldn’t be some SERIOUS fucking going on. I mean – there’s no more Internet, right? All you have to do is ride around in dune buggies, fight off mutants, and put your cocks in each other’s asses! Raging Stallion knows this, hence their “Wasteland” series. Myles Landon and Talon Reed fight to get each other off in a world go mad!

With Talon’s ass wet and willing, Myles stands up and fucks him doggy style. Grabbing Talon’s harness, Myles pulls him backwards, which drives Myles’ cock even deeper inside. Myles’ six-pack abs ripple as he thrusts his hips, and Talon revels in every motion!

Fuck that find Furiosa’s lost city of women mess! This is the “Wasteland” I want to inhabit!

Scroll for more of Myles and Talon, and click here to watch the whole scene at Raging Stallion.

Michael Xavier