My Favorite Shoot: Austin Wilde

Gay porn stars provide us with the sexiest fucking, sucking, rimming and riding scenes imaginable. Our spank banks are indebted to them for eternity and beyond. Did you ever wonder what they consider to be their own hottest scenes? We asked our favorite fuckers to let us know what videos they’ve shot that were the steamiest or most memorable for them. We just couldn’t go without asking Manhunt darling Austin Wilde about which one of his shoots got his dick the hardest. Austin is a longtime friend of Manhunt’s (he did his first scene with On The Hunt!) and we’re HUGE fans! Huge like his cock.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Austin Wilde

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You would think that with 3 years of porn under my belt, it would be difficult to pick a favorite scene. Fortunately, it’s not difficult at all. Over the past 3 years, I’ve been pretty fortunate with the scene partners I’ve been paired with. I have a top 3, but of course, there is one that stands out.

All it really takes to produce a usable scene is hardons and cumshots. To make a GREAT scene, though, can be a different story. The best way to make a scene turn out great is to make the shoot itself fun. Having a scene partner that’s fun, with a great personality and attractive always helps. For me, a great kisser, nice abs and ass, and a bottom that, after the initial penetration, doesn’t complain about the fact he can’t see straight because I’m fucking him so hard, are all great qualities in a scene partner. If you have all of those things, you’re bound to have a hot shoot and amazing final product.

Marcus Mojo just happened to fit all of those qualities. I met him about 2 1/2 years ago on my first shoot with Next Door Studios… and had an instant man crush on him. 2 years later, I made my return to Next Door Studios for the launch of my site(, and got paired up with him. Fortunately, the only thing that changed about him was his body…and in the best way possible.

He has a super laid back personality, is all around beautiful and is an amazing bottom. I’ve only had a couple scenes where I had to stop fucking because I almost came, but this was one of them. It’s rare you can fuck someone as hard as I fucked him in this scene and the guy actually have a smile on his face at times. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun on this shoot. So everything I just said in this paragraph made this, by far, my favorite shoot.

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Nice! Thanks, Mr. Wilde! All that, Marcus Mojo, AND he’s saving us some dough.

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