Must Watch: Beth Ditto Does Madge

Beth Ditto is the rubenesque beauty with the hot voice who fronts The Gossip. She’s also launched a solo career, and the video for her single “I Wrote The Book” was a tribute to Madonna’s “Justify My Love” vid. That was the one where she had the black & white fetish orgy across an entire hotel floor.

Beth’s Madge-fixation doesn’t end there. She recently played a private party and did a bangin’ cover of “Vogue.” You hetero chubby chasers out there should grab the Keri lotion and a tissue. The rest of us can just enjoy  her killer voice.

In a cool sidenote, Madge’s business partner and pal Guy Oseary Tweeted that Madge saw this and thought it was “great.”

– J. Harvey

To watch Beth Ditto “Vogue,” Follow the JUMP: