Merry Christmas, The Santa Speedo Run Happened Again This Year


Fuuuucccckkkk. Look at that piece. Damn. All muscled yet lean. Good face. Got a bulge. And this happened in my town! The Santa Speedo Run for charity has become a Boston event. A bunch of Bostonian boys (and there’s some girls but we like looking at the boys more) squeeze into some Speedos and run. And tease! It’s a big tease to be flaunting your dick outline and buttcheeks in public! There’s just so much flesh! And you can always tell who the gay ones are cuz’ they’re in better shape than the straight boys. I’m not judging, I’m just noting. Anyway, it’s for a good cause and everybody benefits. Check out the video via BosGuy’s blog after the break.

– J. Harvey (via BosGuy)