Manhunt Man Of The Week: nakedmen

Where? Our “Manhunt Man of the Week” has the provocative nakedmen as his MH profile handle, so it looks like he has something in common with all of us! We like those, too.

He and his partner are looking for casual sex with hot guys. He just puts it all out there. Good for him. Honesty is always the best policy, and at least you know what you’re getting. Note – you might want to up your home security if you live in their neighborhood. You’ll see why.

Are you MOTW material? Does your proctologist send you love letters? Have you been pulled over for speeding multiple times but only ever received the cop’s telephone number? Did your Mom stop having kids because she felt she couldn’t do any better? You’re probably a “Manhunt Man of the Week!” Let us know here!

– J. Harvey

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Manhunt profile name: nakedmen
Age: 29
Location: New South Wales, Australia

What was the hottest Manhunt hookup you’ve experienced so far? Who was it with, where did it take place, and why was it hot?

I went to his place in Maroubra on Xmas, he was having some friends over. After having some fun with the other boys, I ended up having fun with [Manhunt member] hotfanta. It was super hot because that was the first time I had sex with him. It was incredibly hot, so hot that I actually ended up marrying him in Spain months later!

What’s your favorite part on a guy and why?

Ears, I love big ears and obviously thick and big cocks.

Name the top three sexiest men in the world, with #1 being the hottest. Why do you find them sexy?

1- Pierre Fitch = he is just gorgeous and his young look just makes him even hotter.
2 – My husband
3 – Myself lol.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex? Tell us about the encounter.

We basically broke into a house and had sex in the basement. There was some rocks on the floor and it was kind of painful there. We got out of the basement and funnily/surprisingly there was a double mattress lying on a bbq desk. We didn’t think twice….

Does size matter? Why do you feel that way?

It matters only because of the look of it. Big cocks just look beautiful….

TRUTH! Thanks, nakedmen. For your efforts, we’re comping your account for 30 days of full access on Manhunt! If you’re a MOTW-in-the-making, let us know!