Manhunt Man Of The Week: hockeypl [This Is NOT Ryan Rose, Says Ryan Rose]

Note – there has been speculation that our MOTW is porn star Ryan Rose. Mr. Rose denies that this is him. Mystery!

Wow. WOW. The only thing wrong with our “Manhunt Man of the Week” hockeypl is that he doesn’t have enough pics! He’s leaving us salivating for more, the dirty cock tease! Nevertheless, holy body. He hails from Illinois here in the States and we need more corn-fed hockey players with bubble butts and killer torsos to apply to be MOTW. Do you fit that description? You don’t have to fit it exactly, you just need to be “hot.” Show us by going here to apply. The MOTW receives 30 days of Unlimited Access on Manhunt.


Manhunt profile name: hockeypl
Age: 25
Location: Illinois


What was the hottest Manhunt hookup you’ve experienced so far? Who was it with, where did it take place, and why was it hot?

A guy contacted me on Manhunt. We skyped and hit it off and met on a weekend(Saturday). We went out, hit it off great, and he picked me up at my place. We went to a steak house, and he kept complimenting me on my looks. He was hot too. After dinner, I asked to see his dick in the bathroom. I blew him some in the stall. We went back to my place and he topped me. He was hung and I loved it. We were safe, though. He spent the night and I woke him up with a nice blow job. He came in my mouth. We still see each other. I like him a lot.



What’s your favorite part on a guy and why?

Pecs. I like nice pecs. Nice and firm and hairy. I just love a guy who can flex his pecs. Those muscles on a guy are sooo freaking sexy. It drives me wild. Instant turn-on for me.


Name the top three sexiest men in the world, with #1 being the hottest. Why do you find them sexy?

William Levy. He is so hot and his underwear modeling pics are, too. I just love the guy. He is sooo sexy.
LL Cool J. He has sexy lips and his body is so defined, especially for his age. It tells me a lot about him that he cares for himself and eats healthy. I heard he might be bi or gay?
Eminem is freaking cute and has a pretty nice body and such a nice butt. I love his music and videos. He is pretty talented.



What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex? Tell us about the encounter.

In a tent. It was pretty weird and a first for me. This guy I met through a mutual friend and I went camping. I blew him while he was driving. We came to our camping spot and had hot sex in a tent. It was sooo hot and the weather was, too. LOL I was sweating and so was he.



Does size matter? Why do you feel that way?

Not really, but it is a plus. A guy with a big package is hot. My ex had a big one. I got used to it but I gagged a little. LOL