Manhunt Daily’s “Read, Comment & Win” Winners For March 6th!

If your name is on the list after the jump, you are a winner in our “Read, Comment & Win!” contest. You’re also stunningly handsome.

Winners receive full access for 30 days on Manhunt or 30 day subscriptions to Fraternity X, Maverick Men or OnTheHunt!

You can be a winner, too! Just leave a comment on any entry posted this week until Sunday, March 12 and you could be fapping for free in no time! We’re picking them daily! PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR MANHUNT PROFILE NAME OR YOU WON’T BE ELIGIBLE. Look, all caps. It must be serious!

Here’s a hint – the picks aren’t entirely random….we do tend to favor those who leave funny, creative, thoughtful, or cool comments. Or have really sexy profile pics. Look, we’re guys and this is Manhunt. You can even comment on these winner announcements! Comment now!

Official Rules

– J. Harvey

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