Manhunt Daily Wood: Jack Mackenroth

Based on the rules of reality television, former Project Runway contestant Jack Mackenroth‘s fifteen minutes of fame should have ran out a long time ago. Alas, through the powers of activism and being absurdly attractive, he’s managed to keep our attention for the past few years.

If you still don’t have a 2012 calendar, Mackenroth’s “Calendar for a Cure” can still be purchased for the measly sum of $10, with one-hundred percent of the proceeds going directly to amFAR. Alternatively, you can print out these delicious new pictures by West Phillips and pretend they’re a calendar, although they’d only last you for nine months (and, in case you’re bad at math, there are ten left once February’s over).

Unrelated, can you believe Mackenroth is 42 years-old? I know that isn’t necessarily “old” or anything, but I would sell my soul (or what’s left of it) to have an ass that incredible when I’m forty-two. Hell, I would sell my soul for an ass that incredible NOW.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: West Phillips

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