Loreen: “We Got The Power”

You might be familiar with Loreen from her 2012 Eurovision contribution “Euphoria“, an utterly monstrous dance song that swallowed the whole world and further solidified Sweden’s place as the center of the pop music universe. You might also know her from the 2004 season of Swedish Idol, but it’s much more likely that you are a normal person who’s never heard of her and doesn’t pay attention to Eurovision or contestants from Swedish Idol. It’s much more likely you would have preferred if I wrote about the new Britney Spears song from The Smurfs 2 soundtrack (listen here), just so you could argue about her relevance or something like that. And that’s okay! Sort of.

All you really need to know is that Loreen’s anthemic, uplifting power-pop jam “We Got The Power” will take over you body, smack it on the ass and shout in your face, “ARE YOU READY TO FEEL AMAZING?” And you have absolutely no choice but to say “yes”, because it is scientifically impossible to not feel good whilst listening to this song.

– Dewitt

Listen to Loreen’s new single “We Got The Power” below: