Leave Tom Daley Alone, Dicks

Tom Daley is the cute lil’ Brit who was supposed to be a shoe-in for a a gold medal this week, but unfortunately didn’t make it. If that isn’t bad enough, he was trying to win it in memory of his dad. Pa Daley passed away from brain cancer in May 2011. And then the final injustice – insane twatfaces started giving him shit on Twitter for coming in fourth! It’s the FUCKING OLYMPICS. It’s not like he was trying to shoot an approaching meteor out of our solar system with a big missile or he didn’t use his one magic wish from a genie to blank the Kardashians out of existence. Fuck, it’s a dive off a board into water! LIGHTEN UP, CRAZIES!

One idiot (who has since been arrested for “malicious communication,” which is a criminal charge in Britain) Tweeted at him that his Dad would be ashamed at him for losing.  Another said that he and his diving partner Peter Waterfield should console themselves over their loss by going to”  bum each other #teamHIV.” There is NO need.

That last bit was from the Twitter account of Welsh footballer Daniel Thomas, who claimed he had put his phone down and some other donkey Tweeted from it. His football club issued an apology, and Thomas’ Twitter account has been suspended.

Daley’s only response was to the first guy:

We can forgive the apostrophe (my grammar is awful, too).  Let’s console ourselves (and Tom, because who doesn’t like to be admired?) by looking at some new pics of him from the games. We’re here for you, Tom. You’re cute. And legal.

– J. Harvey

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