Leave Chris Crocker Alone.

It’s no longer cool to “hate” Chris Crocker. This may sound awfully hypocritical coming from someone who once said that everything about him “makes me want to die a little inside”, but I’ve recently seen the light and come to respect that Chris is unabashedly himself. In a sea of insecure homos who have nothing better to do but judge people they hardly know (present company included), this is refreshing and pretty fucking brilliant.

Look, am I saying that Chris and I would instantaneously become best friends if we ever hung out? Probably not! Do I want to hop on his beautiful dick and go for a ride? Not really! It’s quite likely that we have very little in common and neither of us would be sexually attracted to one another. That’s fine. It is what it is.

But answer this question honestly for me. If you claim to “hate” Chris Crocker, WHY? Is it because he’s slightly “feminine” and embraces a side of gay culture that you don’t identify with? Is it because he posts naked pictures of himself on the internet and openly dabbles with the idea of doing porn? Is it because he makes slutty booty dance videos to Nicki Minaj songs, yet he identifies as a top? Is it because you don’t believe a guy with a limp wrist can pin someone down and pound them like a bitch? Is it because he actively seeks fame, attention and adoration? Is it because of some Britney Spears video he made several years ago?

Whatever it is, I’m fairly certain it’s not a good reason. Stop it. You are not superior to him because you are “masculine” and don’t post pictures of your taint on Tumblr. No disrespect or anything! I’m sure you’re a fantastic person deep down inside! But you’d be even more fantastic if you shut up and stopped hating Chris Crocker. Leave him alone, dude. I’m bored with your unnecessary hatred.

– Dewitt

Click through to see more pics of Chris and watch his “Feminine Tops” video:

Believe it or not, I started writing this before I saw this video:

PS: He’s talking about Brandon Wilde. We’re actually on his side here? Maybe.