Ke$ha’s Into Furries


I type “into” as opposed to “cavorts with” because there’s one particularly disturbing shot of her getting her breasts gripped by one. Kinky! Pop ragamuffin Ke$ha has a new video for her song “C’mon” and it’s wall-to-wall furries. Why does she have to destroy every lifestyle? Her last video for “Die Young” totally ruined Satanism for me. Ugh!

Dewitt’s much better at posting about music then me (he has actual taste), but I felt compelled to read Ke$ha for her exploitation of furries. They just want to be left alone to have sex with each other in animal costumes with strategically positioned flaps. They didn’t ask to be in a marijuana mobile having to rub themselves on this pop nympho! Oppressing subcultures isn’t edgy, Ke$ha! It’s cruelty!

I kid. This video is the funs, and the song is pretty basic but made for dancing around like slut in heat.

– J. Harvey

To watch Ke$ha’s “C’mon,” Follow the BREAK: