Karate: An Excuse For Grabbing Another Man’s Crotch

Picture it. You’re alone in a locker room receiving a private karate lesson from a handsome instructor. A hint of chest hair peeks out from his uniform’s neckline, and you’re beginning to worry that he’ll catch on to your lusty attraction. And yet you can’t stop staring him! His big dick is swinging around in those thin white pants, begging for you to grab onto it and make it harder…

Fuck, fuck, fuck! While you’re busy staring at his crotch, he flips you over onto your back. It feels like you may have pulled a muscle. Being a true professional, he offers to massage your thigh and get the knot out. You’re already starting to feel better and it looks like he’s popping a semi, so you decide to test the waters.

“It’s a little bit higher though, just a little bit,” you say to him, as you guide his hand closer and closer to your rock hard cock. He makes a few wise cracks about the situation, but his fingers are practically up your ass. Obviously, he’s up for taking things to the next level. You stroke his chest and move in for a kiss…

And that’s only the beginning of this scene between Mike Martinez and Adam Russo! The scenario itself will be an instant boner for anyone who’s ever fantasized about a coach, personal trainer or other fitness instructor. Hell, we’re pre-cumming in our pants just thinking about it!

Then again, we did just watch Adam throw Mike’s ankles in the air and eat his ass, so it’s quite possible that could be the cause of the sticky spot in our drawers. Does it really matter? These guys are fucking hot, and the way Mike moans when he’s getting his hole chomped on makes us want to dive through the computer screen and join in.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

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