Kaldrick King Comes Out On “The L.A. Complex”


There was a brief moment in my life where I entertained the notion of watching The L.A. Complex, sheerly out of respect for Manny Santos and Kaylee Frye (also known as actresses Cassie Steele and Jewel Staite). That moment, however, did not last very long.

The good news is that enough people tuned in for the show to get picked up for a second season, which has incorporated the Frank Ocean-esque coming out of closeted rapper Kaldrick King (as played by way, way, way hot actor Andra Fuller). After his father passes away in the hospital, Kaldrick writes an emotional letter to him and posts it online for his fans to read.

Since the “down low” plotline has been overdone on TV, it’s refreshing to see a masculine man of color coming out to the world on his own terms. This is network television, people! If this plotline even gives one young person the courage to live their lives openly, then The L.A. Complex has done things right.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch footage from the episodes.

For those who don’t have the patience to watch, here is Kaldrick’s letter:

“I was raised to be tough, to not take anything from anyone. It’s a lonely way to walk through this world. I spent my whole life trying to impress you, trying to please you. All it did was make me hate you, hate myself.

“And when I finally found someone that I thought I could love and love me back, it made me hurt them. Hurt them so they can never be unhurt. I tore that love apart, and myself apart with it.

“I have wanted to die because I could not be who I wanted to be. Because I could not be who you wanted me to be. But I couldn’t die, anymore than I could live. I’m tired of being here, in this place that feels like nowhere. I’m tired of caring what people think about me. I’m tired of being afraid.

“I’ve met someone that makes me want to breathe in this world again, and I would not hold my breath a second longer. None of these lies I told made me stronger. None of the secrets I kept made me happier. So I’m gonna try something else now. I’m gonna try telling the truth. My truth.

“My name is Sean Duggan. AKA Kaldrick King. AKA The King of California. I’m gay.”