Just The Tips: More Than A Dick

You should be flattered when someone’s obsessed with your dick, right? You know, to the point that he can’t keep his hands off of it… Oh, but not just his hands! At every point during your little rendezvous, he needs to have his mouth, ass or palm in direct contact with your schlong. That would be really fantastic, no?

Or it could be incredibly uncomfortable. I don’t know about you, but my dick needs a break every now and then. Constant friction makes it (and me) an unhappy camper, and there are other parts of my body that could use some attention. It’s not fun to walk away from a hook-up feeling like you just had sex with a cheese grater.

Truthfully, we know what you cock-starved bottoms are going through! When you come across the perfect peen, you want to hold onto it and never let go. You want to cherish every moment you have with that rock hard, fleshy member. You want to… Well, you get the picture. Brief summary of this lesson? Take a step back. Let Mr. Pokey breathe for a second, and he’ll reward you in the end.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Extra Big Dicks

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