Johnny Knoxville Shows His Jackass To Gay Bears

Johnny Knoxville has confessed his love for the bear community in the past (he made friends with some on the set of John WatersA Dirty Shame) and he shows off his status as friend of the woofy ones in a new clip for Jackass 3D. Knoxville previewed the movie for the burly types and filmed their reactions to one of the idiot Jackassers getting kicked in the jockstrapped nuts by…just watch the clip. And wince. And cross your legs. Cuz’, ow. And – why? And – ow, again.

Knoxville also freely admits how gay Jackass is in an interview with Vanity Fair and claims that was one of the goals when they started the MTV show turned movie series. Hey, Chris Pontius looks nice and beefy in a thong. We’re not objecting.

– Andy

For the video, follow the JUMP: