It Happened On Manhunt: The Swim Team Captain

We’ve all had someone in our lives who we hated (or currently hate) with every bone in our body, yet we’d jump at the chance to get in bed with them. More times than not, it goes beyond physical attraction! There’s some sick part of us that gets off on the mere aspect of hating them. We’d give anything to use them, be used by them or, well, both.

(If you’ve somehow never experienced this, you’ll think it sounds crazy. It’s not.)

Today’s installment of It Happened On Manhunt, much like this previous one, tells the story of a young man who comes face-to-face with his high school tormentor. The encounter that results from their reunion will surely appeal to anyone who gets off on cocky attitudes, speedos, domination, speedos, dirty talk, speedos, subservient bottom bitches and jerking off to pictures of Tom Daley in a speedo. In other words? My dick was stiff as a board reading through this.

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– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dylan Lucas

Click through to see more pics and read this member’s story:

All throughout high school, I was on the swim team. Nowadays, all types of hazing are strictly prohibited at my previous school. However, just five years ago, hazing was a very scary and unavoidable rite of passage.

When I was a freshman, a group of psychotic seniors would relish in hazing the shit out of us. It went from cleaning up after them, to giving them massages and getting spanked with kick boards in the showers. We were constantly being roughed around by them.

If you couldn’t guess, all the hazing was brimming with homosexual undertones… But i guess that’s what bonded the team? Who the fuck knows!

The worst was in the showers. All the guys were basically peer pressured into showering naked together. If you showered with your suit on, you were either a total pussy or a homo. Needless to say, nobody wanted either of those labels attached to them back then.

Of all the seniors, our captain was the worst, the most vindictive, the craziest and, in my opinion, the hottest. True, other dudes looked better than him physically, but he made up for it with his straight-up cocky attitude.

He was on the shorter side at 5’9″—I was taller than him at 15 years old—but he made up for it in bulk. Dude was JACKED!

Anyways, this guy lived to make my freshman year hell. He would beat the shit out of me, treat me like shit and call me a homo so often that it became my official nickname with the rest of the seniors. Though I obviously hated him, there was still a sick part of me that thought he was super hot…

So fast forward five years, and I’m out of high school. I’m home for break from college, and I get a wink as I’m cruising on my old Manhunt page. Normally, I think winks are creepy as hell, but I still went to check out the profile.

The description seemed to line up with what I was looking for. His pics were hot, his body was nice (and somewhat familiar), but he didn’t show his face. In the description, he said he was looking to plow the shit out of a twink.

As you might have figured out by now, I get off on attitude.

We start talking and this guy’s funny, in an asshole kind of way. I liked that he had no problem bossing me around and telling me what to do. He said he wasn’t out (neither was I), and he wasn’t gonna give me a face pic. The body was nice enough that I let it slide.

Finally, he gave me the address to his place. He was really close-by! By the time I was halfway to his house, I realized that I was headed toward my former swim team captain’s house.

It all made sense! The body looked the same, the age matched, the attitude. Last i heard of him, he had dropped out of college and started working as a full time coach at the local swim club.

A part of me thought that I should turn back, but I decided that I should go anyways… Just, at the very least, to make him really uncomfortable! After all, if he wasn’t out either, it’s not like he was going to tell anyone.

I got to his house and knocked on the door. When he opened it, he looked really confused at first. Then it slowly dawned on him why I was there. I could see it in his face.

Instead of freaking out like i thought he would, a slow smile stretched over his face.

“I knew you were a fag,” he said, before pulling me in by my shirt.

He took no prisoner and immediately made me strip. He looked at me and said, “You’ve grown a little more homo,” before forcing me to my knees to watch him strip. His body was still incredibly cut. He took off his shorts (no underwear), and his dick was rock hard.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked.

Absolutely nothing. I practically dove on his dick and started sucking on it like I was starving. There were five years worth of pent-up sexual energy coursing through my mouth. He threaded his hands through my hair and moaned loudly, all the while talking dirty to me.

After about ten minutes of this, he let go of me and told me to wait there. I waited on my knees in his living room before he came down again. He had a speedo in his hand, and he threw it directly at me.

“Put this on,” he said. “I’ll be waiting upstairs.”

I eagerly pulled it on and went upstairs to his bedroom, where he was lying on the bed, holding his rock hard dick.

“Let’s pick up where we left off. Get on this dick.”

I walked over and continued to suck his cock. Meanwhile, he was rubbing and spanking my speedo-clad ass. He eventually pulled the fabric aside and started slowly sticking his fingers in my ass. One at first, then two. I moaned in pleasure.

“You like that? Just wait for this.”

He got up, spun me around and began eating my ass with the speedo still on. I could see he was still erect while he was doing it.

After awhile, he flipped me onto all fours, ripped the speedo off, lubed me up, put the condom on and stuck his dick in me.

I moaned in satisfaction.

He went to work right away, going hard and fast, one hand pulling my hair back and the other spanking my ass. He fucked me every which way, however he wanted, and i was more than happy to oblige.

After what seemed like hours of hard fucking and dirty talk, he finally yelled that he was gonna cum, ripped the condom off and came all over my chest. I followed him soon after.

He locked eyes with me and smiled, then he took me in the shower to wash off. I took him in my mouth there again, and he busted for a second time.

He was still an asshole, but a lot cooler than he was all those years ago. We parted ways as equals this time around.

We may have gotten together a few more times, but that’s a whole other story! Thanks though, to Manhunt, for hooking me up with my hottest lay and fulfilling my high school fantasy!