It Happened On Manhunt: The Golf Course

Spoiler alert! Today’s submission for It Happened On Manhunt tells the tale of two horny men who meet on a golf course for a steamy encounter. “What did this steamy encounter involve?” you ask. Shit, as if I’d tell you! You’re gonna have to read the damn story. That’s how this series works, silly butt.

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– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

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I was just about to move away from my hometown — not that I’d been there much as of late since I’d gone to a university halfway across the country — in a few weeks. Wanting to leave with a bit of a bang, I decided I’d find some cutie, fuck him silly, and try to do an elegant kiss adieu. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and these things always play out better in your mind, so I was ready to settle for just the fucking.

I hopped on Manhunt to see a wink waiting for me. I stared at it a little frustratingly because I never know how to respond to them! Does he want me to make the first move? Is he just an admirer? Still, it never hurts to see who is on the other side, so I checked out his profile and was greeted by an adorable scruffy face. From what I could tell, he was early thirties, though his profile defiantly said 24. “Sure… if you say so,” I thought to myself. Whatever.

Browsing through his pics, though, I began to forget about that first thought when I saw his body. It was incredible! I’m not talking olympic-definition, but it was just what I like in a guy: a nice hairy muscular chest with a bountiful treasure trail just begging to be followed by my tongue. And from what I could see through his jock, that was definitely a treasure I wanted to find. I barely needed more convincing at this point, but his profile description only sealed the deal. He loved to cuddle. My weakness!

I quickly sent him a message, and I was greeted by an IM request moments later. We introduced ourselves and had some small talk. It was revealed he was in business. I love a well-dressed man in a suit, so I wasn’t going to waste any more time. The conversation soon after escalated to dirtier talk.

“What’s the one thing you’ve never done that you’ve always wanted to do?”, I asked him. I could tell I caught him off guard with that question, but after a minute, he told me he’d always wanted to have sex outside.

I knew of a golf course right around the corner from where I lived that would be the perfect location. Apart from the odd dog-walker around eight or so, the place was always empty after the sun went down. I mentioned it to him, and he said it’d be perfect. With a flash of the webcam to confirm things, we agreed to meet that night around ten.

I still lived with my parents, so I told them I was going to the movies, and I’d be back in a few hours. I drove off to the rendezvous point and set up a blanket by the lake on the 7th hole. He showed up right on time, and he was still wearing his suit! ”

Long day in the office?” I asked as I got up to greet him.

“Yeah, you could say that”, he responded, as he moved in that last inch to seal the welcome kiss.

One of the first things I noticed about the situation was how tall he was. I’m 6’4″, and I normally have to have the flexibility of a contortionist in order to make out, but he matched me perfectly. It was nice to be embraced by someone just as big as me for once. To feel those big hands moving up and down my back as I rubbed my tongue along the inside of his mouth.

All that said, we didn’t waste any time getting horizontal. Or out of our clothes. To my delight, he was wearing the same jockstrap from the picture I’d seen. This only got me more excited. I broke away only to put myself to work discovering the rest of him. I started burying my face into his chest while toying with his nipple with my fingers. Even they were hard. I clearly had a lot to look forward to. I decided to use some restraint and try to get a feel for his cock through his underwear with my mouth. His disjointed breaths told me he was enjoying being teased.

Before I went any further, I looked up and told him, “My name’s Kyle by the way. Just so you know what to moan.”

He smiled coyly back at me and replied “Nice to meet you”. With that out of the way, I was ready to finally find that treasure hiding millimeters from my face. Just as I was about to pull his jock off, he stopped me.

Questioningly, I looked up as he said, “Now it’s my turn”. I wasn’t about to give up what I’d been working so hard to see, so I told him fine. And I then turned around and set us up for a 69. “Now, we both win.”

He clearly knew what he was doing. He fondled my balls and used his warm breath to help fight the chill in the air. Not to be outdone, I plunged myself down on his thick (I later verified on his profile that it was 6 inches around) uncut cock and massaged his head by swallowing. Being the competitive type himself, he returned the favor but added a finger in my ass for good measure. I arched my back in delight. He was good.

We kept at it for a bit longer, taking breaks to rub against one another and enjoy each other’s warmth. I could never stay away, and before long, I had his meat sandwiched between my lips. He convulsed, and I could tell he was getting ready to cum. I took the opportunity to return the favor from before and jammed two fingers into his ass before, as I stepped back to watch him shoot all over his chest and face. That was all it took to get me going, and while straddling his beefy thigh, I came just as hard.

We joked a bit as I grabbed a towel to wipe him off, and I mentioned that I’d only be in town for a bit longer, and I was still waiting for that opportunity to fuck someone. He told me he’d make himself free for another meeting with me, but that’s for some other time.