It Happened On Manhunt: Best Sex of My Life

In our humble opinion, the story in today’s edition of It Happened On Manhunt puts the accompanying pictures to shame. That isn’t to say that Corbin Fisher models Kent and Harley are unattractive in any way, shape or form! It’s just that, well, they can’t quite capture the magic of a big shooter with an 8″ by 7″ cock…

Eep, we’ve said too much already! Read on for the full details.

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– Dewitt

Photo credit: Corbin Fisher

Click through to see more pics and read this member’s story:

I used Manhunt throughout grad school to find hot guys to fuck or be fucked by. The great thing about being versatile is that it really leaves you open to the most possibilities.

This particular story took place after I graduated from grad school. I was still in my apartment near campus then, trying to figure out what to do with my life. Coming up short of any tangible plan, I decided to turn to Manhunt to take my mind off of things. Being in a relatively small town, with a minimal amount of guys, I decided that it may be worth my while to cast my net wider and see what the entire state could bring me. Being in the Midwest, I’m (somewhat stereotypically) attracted to blond hair and blue eyes. While I never search for those specific traits, I definitely don’t kick it to the curb if I run across it.

I found a profile that intrigued me. Not only did the guy come off as super hot, but his pics made me instantly start pre-cumming. His abs were to die for and his tight, muscled legs made my knees weak. He was a leanly built long-distance runner and the thought of getting in his pants drove me absolutely crazy. I was in luck, as he was online and looking. I shot him a message and, after a few back-and-forth comments, we decided we should “hang out” that evening. He was two hours away and it was already midnight, but neither of us seemed to mind.

Two things kept running through my mind as I was getting ready to come over: the picture he had e-mailed me of his thick cock, and he claimed to shoot huge loads. Needless to say, I was rock hard as I put some fresh sheets on my bed, took a shower, and made sure I was the hottest I could be. I put on a tight t-shirt and a pair of shorts and waited for him to arrive.

When he got to my place, I went down to meet him and let him in my building. It was pouring rain by this time, and he was pretty soaked as I showed him into my place. He was dressed in a zip-up hoodie and a baseball cap. However, the most striking initial feature was the cologne he was wearing. It drove me nuts! He didn’t only look sexy in person, but his smell made me want to get on my knees and suck his cock immediately. However, I held off while we had a bit of a conversation and got comfortable with one another.

After about fifteen minutes, it became obvious that we both wanted each other. Badly. We started making out as I peeled off his damp clothing. He was a great kisser, and I couldn’t resist sticking my tongue down his throat as he took off my clothes. To add to his hotness, the man had very good taste in underwear. He was wearing some tight briefs that perfectly showed me that he wasn’t bragging when he said he had a thick cock… And this is coming from a guy who has a 6-inch thick cock himself.

We made our way to my bedroom and I worked the underwear down his toned thighs and beautiful calves. I devoured his cock in one swift motion. It was wonderful to service such a thick, hard cock. He worked us into a 69 position and started to work on my cock.

After a few minutes of mutual sucking, I laid him on his back and slowly worked my way around his body with my tongue. His six-pack was so fucking hot. I couldn’t resist working over every muscle with my mouth. He then flipped me on my back and we made out for a long time. I didn’t mind, though, with his muscled body rubbing up against me. We began to lightly sweat, as it was both humid and the middle of June, but neither of us much cared. Our sweat mingled as we held each other close and ground our cocks against one another.

Eventually, this stud flipped me over onto my stomach and began to work my ass over. It was obvious that in this encounter, I would play the bottom. His talents with his tongue were again showcased as he loosened my hole up to receive his gigantic cock. I hadn’t bottomed in a couple months, so he took his time to make sure I would be able to take it all. When I was ready, he started to slip his cock into me, inch by inch. He was about 7 inches thick and about 8 inches long. Even though it felt like hell going in the first time, it also felt exceptionally good.

He slowly pumped his cock in and out, letting my hole loosen up around his huge member. I was in heaven as it slid, inch by inch, up my ass and hit my prostate every time. He filled me up like no man had ever done before. After fucking me on my stomach for a while, he brought my ass to the edge of the bed while he was standing on the floor. I put my legs up on his shoulders and, holy fuck, he went deep. I was gripping the bed for everything it was worth. My eyes even rolled back as I just gave myself over to the feeling of his cock slamming in and out of my ass.

After he had fucked me for close to an hour, I laid him down on the bed so I could see his cock in action as he came. I worked over his cock and balls until he was close to cumming. I then pumped his thick cock hard and fast and, I must say, he wasn’t lying. This guy came EVERYWHERE. It hit my headboard and made his abs into cum gutters. He must have shot about a dozen times, and all of them were powerful. After he finished, I cleaned his body off with my tongue. I got full off of this stud’s cum. Then I beat my cock until I shot all over him again.

We had played until the sun was rising. He got dressed, in the clothes that were still damp, and drove the two hours back home. I fell asleep in the damp sheets, knowing I had just had the best sex of my life.