It Gets Betterish: Karaoke, Orgies & Party Monsters

It’s time for another round of It Gets Betterish videos. You may recall that Eliot previously promised us “there WILL be a shot of me in the shower and one of Brent on the toilet”. Well, the moment has finally come! This is a shot of Eliot brushing his teeth in the shower. Please pay special attention to his (blatantly awesome) Bea Arthur tattoo. A real man wears his love for The Golden Girls on his sleeve! More accurately, his skin.

Brent is in this video too (in case you were wondering). We realize we haven’t talked about him much yet, but we kind of zoned out at the “on the toilet” part. Poop is gross.

Speaking of which, we feel like poop for missing out on the other two most recent episodes. One of them is about orgies! It’s not as sexy as it sounds, because it does not, in fact, feature any shots of Eliot (or Brent) cumming… Gosh, we’re really not subtle about our crush on Eliot, are we? No disrespect, Brent! We both have boyfriends.

– Dewitt

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