Is The Silver Fox Coming Out Of The Closet?

It’s about damn time! Gawker is reporting that CNN anchor, talk show host, and hot silvery piece Anderson Cooper is prepping a coming out episode of his show. He will reportedly reveal that he likes dudes during February sweeps (obviously).

Not that it matters. If need be, Anderson can stay in his cupboard for the rest of his life. But it just seems kinda silly at this point, doesn’t it? He’s always out with his bf, he’s made plenty of allusions on the air to liking dick, and he’s shown himself to be a fierce proponent of gay rights.

But, it’s not an easy task. Sometimes those of us who are out forget how hard it was saying those words. And to be frank, closeted gay celebrities have to worry about their money situation.

Cooper is an extremely popular news anchor and talk show host and it’s 2011, so he’s probably fine. Celebs who are performers, however, worry that they’ll lose their fan base if it’s revealed that they like ass of the same sex.

Wow, when did this become a frank discussion of celebrities coming out? Let’s get back to the gossip!

The Silver Fox is prepping his coming out by reportedly bringing his alleged boyfriend (HAWT NYC gay bar owner Benjamin Maisani, see a pic of him after the jump) to the private Anderson show Christmas party. These two are a smokin’ duo, so they better have plenty of mistletoe at the Russian Tea Room that night.

What do you think? Will he do it? Do you think he’ll lose any viewers if he does?

– J. Harvey

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