Infographic: Getting Dirty (In Your Profile Pics) On Manhunt


Profile pics are a HUGE part of the Manhunt experience. Whether you’re showing everything off, or keeping what you’ve got under wraps – your pics are the first thing a potential hook-up notes about you. Pics also act as a kind of barter system on Manhunt when it comes to the possibility of taking things further. How often do you receive “unlock?” as a request via message? Your private pics are your currency on Manhunt!

It got us to wondering about the dudes with dirty pics here in the US. Do they tend to be tops or bottom? Which states have the dirtier pics? Does a profile with more explicit pics benefit you on Manhunt or hinder your horny? We pulled up some Manhunt member data, and came to some surprising (and a few unsurprising) conclusions.

Keep reading for the deets on dirty pics on Manhunt!

– J. Harvey

p.s. Click the infographic to expand.

What we learned:

1) The more you show in a pic, the more popular you are.

Prudes go home. Turns out that everyone loves an exhibitionist. Guys with nudity in their Manhunt profile pics have an average of 28 buddies. Guys that keep it zipped? 19. So, boys, if you’re looking for friends? Take it off. Take it all off.

2) The eastern half of the country wants you to see what they’re twerkin’ with.

Is this because Manhunt HQ is located on the East Coast and sends out perv rays? Survey says the state with the most revealing pics? New Hampshire! Don’t tread on my penis! Among the top 5 states with the most revealing profile pics are Washington D.C. (we’ve always known those bitches in offices are IN HEAT behind closed doors), and Florida. But who would have thought a solid state like New Hampshire was teeming with guys wanting you to see all they’ve got to offer? Most covered up? Montana. Maybe it gets cold or there’s a lot of church-going.

3) Bottoms like to drop trou. Tops aren’t into showing it off.

57% of the Manhunt members in the US who identify as “bottoms” on the site have naughty pics. They want you to see the ham you’ll be slamming. Interestingly, of the Manhunt men who say they’re “tops”, only 33% have naked pics. Don’t they know that buyers want to see what’s under the hood? Guess they’re banking on it being worth the test drive.

4) In the obvious category: average cocks prefer to be off camera.

40% of guys who claim they’ve got 6 inches or more have XXX profile pics. We figured this would be a higher percentage,though. What’s with these demure dudes? And only 2.5% of guys with under 6 inches in the US are brave enough to flash the cam. We salute you, boys! Celebrate what you’ve got even if it’s not wowing the size queens. It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the guy driving the bus or some other bullshit guys with small cocks (I include myself in that group) tell themselves.