In Bed With Colby Keller: Etiquette On Manhunt

Colby Keller

Are you behaving like a perfect gentleman when you log onto Manhunt looking to get laid? The anonymity of the internet can sometimes allow us to forget all the lessons Mom taught us. You know – holding doors for little old ladies, saying “please” and “thank you”, and letting that 73-year-old alcoholic Dolly Parton impersonator who msged you on Manhunt down with a gentle “No thanks, but good luck! I loved you in Rhinestone!”

We get it. You’re horned up, and want to get on and get off. But that’s no excuse for acting déclassé! Here’s the incomparable Colby Keller with some etiquette tips for when you’re on Manhunt. They’re guaranteed to get you laid by the guy you’re after, AND will make sure you do it without being a jerkwad. No one likes a jerkwad.

When you’re finished watching Colby answer life’s most important questions, check out his blog (Big Shoe Diaries) and follow him on Twitter! Did you know our Manhunt sexpert and his pal Karl Marxxx are on tour? They still need your help in choosing their tour stops! Look for the details after the vid!

– J. Harvey

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Ten year porn veteran and popular art-nerd porn blogger, Colby Keller hits the road for more adventures with Big Shoe Diaries. Keller, 31 is driving with co-blogger and queer performance artist Karl Marxxx of the Big Shoe Team from NYC to Seattle, Washington August 10th to 18th to see and share the funniest and randiest that the northern United States have to offer. Colby, the resident sex advice vlogger is also hoping to secure engagements at bars/clubs/community centers/bachelor and bachelorette parties for his infamous “Colby Keller Spanking Station.”

Know of a crazy I SEE PENIS landmark Colby shouldn’t miss?
Want to book Colby for a night of spanking at your club or porn-friendly private house party?

Send us an email at Big Shoe Diaries – that’s OR

We’ll be conducting interviews, hopefully hosting some events and taking photos of everything gay and perverted along the way. But we need your help. Spread the word to party planners, club owners, gallerists, artists we should interview and randy local tour guides so that we can make this trip the best possible.

Our current (and relatively flexible) itinerary is as follows:

August 15th somewhere in Idaho/Utah/western Oregon
August 16th Portland
August 17th Seattle

Help us secure our timeline and tell us what we should see!!! See you on the open road!

Colby Keller & Karl Marxxx Do America!