I’m Officially In Love With Liev Schreiber’s Hot Fat Ass

Liev Schreiber is in better shape than I’ll probably be at 44 years-old, so please don’t get the impression that I’m one of those awful gay bloggers who’d actually call him “fat”. When I say he has a “hot fat ass”, the emphasis should specifically be placed on “hot”. I like big butts, and I cannot lie. Liev has a wide ol’ traffic-stopping booty, and my anaconda definitely wants some of DAT ASS.

Here’s what some of you are thinking right now: “You’re only saying that because he’s a celebrity!”

False! If I spotted that wet, underwear-clad butt in the middle of a parking lot, I’d stop and stare at it whether it was attached to Liev Schreiber or some totally random dude. Maybe that means I’m a weirdo with low standards! Or maybe it just means I’m into hot older dudes with smackable cheeks. I don’t care either way. I’d still hit it.

– Dewitt

Click through to see Liev Schreiber’s hot fat ass: