Hot Rugger: Dan Carter

As a friend of mine says, “HOLY SHITBALLS.” When you Google “hot rugby player”, this sports deity pops up. Dan Carter looks like if Superman ditched the world-saving and took up short shorts and running on the pitch.

Carter’s also a spokesbod for Jockey. He’s from New Zealand, and Wikipedia claims he’s both “the highest points scorer in test match rugby” and considered to be one of “rugby’s best fly-halves”. I don’t know dick about what that means or if it’s true, but he could be the dude who mows the field and I’d still want to put my cock in his muscled butt.

Sometimes some of the dudes we write about are so hot that it hurts my nuts. Either he’s one of those or I have a UTI. I knew you wanted to know.

– J. Harvey

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