Hot or Not: Sniffing Underwear

Well, we’ve seen this scenario before! A hot guy leaves his jockstrap behind. Another hot guy comes along and starts sniffing. Lo and behold, the first dude returns to find the second one pleasuring himself, all with a handful of sweaty fabric stuffed in his face. Gasp! Caught red-handed, the underwear thief bends over for his “punishment”.

Has this actually ever happened to anyone? Not very likely, but it’s still pretty arousing to think this act could lead to passionate sex rather than a restraining order. And don’t act you’ve never been tempted to smell someone’s undies! Honestly, if the hottest guy at the gym left his boxer briefs unattended, wouldn’t you briefly consider snatching them and running into the nearest bathroom stall?

Maybe not. But how do you feel about sniffing underwear in general? Let’s say you’ve just slipped a pair off of your partner, and his scent is driving you wild. Would you stick it in your face and take a big whiff? It’s not as creepy if he’s directly in front of you, right? We have a feeling we’re asking way too many questions, so leave a comment and let’s get this conversation rolling…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Buddies

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