Hot Flash: Shawn Morales by Gabriel Gastelum

You might recognize Shawn Morales as one half of the pit crew on RuPaul’s Drag Race. There’s a pretty good chance that, if you regularly tune in to the show, you’ve paused your television once or twice (or twenty-seven and a half times) to stare at his bulge.

Shawn recently posed in a shoot with photographer Gabriel Gastelum, and the resulting images are predictably adorable. I mean, is there anyone in the world whose smile is better than Shawn’s? He’s perfect. Like a puppy! But a sexy puppy that’s actually a human.

SPOILER ALERT: Can we talk about last night? Who do you think they’ll bring back? Also, going back a week, what the FUCK did Willam do? You guys are generally reliable at spilling the “T”, so you’re welcome to tell me all the nasty, behind-the-scenes shit you know about. Please? I’m dying to know.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Gabriel Gastelum

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