Hot Celebs And Their Cute Pets

Ranker (via Queerty) has a post depicting sexy celebrity guys and their oh-so-precious pets. Let me tell you something about adorable canine companions. Not only are they the best friends you’ll ever have, but they can get you laid. True story – this is my dog Cooper:

Cooper is a two-year-old teacup poodle. Don’t mistake him for a softie, he’s a fierce lion warrior. He’s also a total ass magnet. He’s so tiny and adorable that even the most remote gymbunny jock type narcissist kneels down to coo over him. That’s when I strike! It works with babies, too, but where can you put a baby while you’re humping a stranger?

So these jerks not only get all the tail (male or female) they want anyways, but they have to rub it in with cute pets! Greedy show-offs. Greedy HOT show-offs.

– J. Harvey

p.s. There’s also a cat, and a goat, and a…stuffed dolphin(?) in there, as well. I just focused on dogs cuz’ dogs are the best creatures ever.

To see more celebs with their awesome dogs, Follow the JUMP: