Have You Ever: Wrestled Naked?

You and your buddy are both alpha male aggressives. What better way to figure out who goes on the bottom than an intense nude wrestling match? It’s like how the ancient Greeks used to do it. Both of you strip down, and grapple. Who’s going to be the one to overpower the other, pin his ass, and roger it roundly?

Getting defeated and fucked would be excellent. Personally, with nude wrestling, my concern is for my junk. Don’t I at least get a jock? Hell, even a thong? Ok, I didn’t say thong. What happens if a knee goes a’flyin’ in a bad direction? What if I someday want to (artificially) knock a chick up so me and my future partner can have kids? Have Drake and Patrick from Naked Kombat lost all feeling in the nethers?

Have you ever entered the squared circle without a singlet?

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Naked Kombat

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