Have You Ever: Slept With Someone Twice Your Age?

Yes, we realize this post has the potential to spawn a ton of ageist comments, but we think it’s important to break the stereotype that older men are always chasing after younger men. Although society may tell you otherwise, eighteen year-old twinks are actively pursuing hot mature men on a daily basis. Okay, so we may not have evidence of this, but we swear it’s one-hundred percent true!

As these boys swoop down to prey on an experienced gentleman, they’re let down by lines like, “Sorry, but you’re half my age” or “It creeps me out that I have a son who’s older than you”. It’s reverse age discrimination, we tell ya! These guys are breaking hearts left and right, turning down young boners like nobody’s business.

So without further ado, we’ve got to ask–have you ever pursued or slept with someone twice your age? On the flip side, have you ever rejected a potential partner because he was too young? Let’s get this conversation rolling! Leave a comment with your thoughts, secondhand stories or personal experiences.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jake Cruise

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