Have You Ever: Shot A Load Into Your Own Mouth?

For someone who masturbates so damn much, it’s incredible that the concept of a self-facial never occurred to me until I saw John Cameron Mitchell‘s Shortbus. There’s this scene where Paul Dawson records himself throwing his legs into the air, positioning his cock over his face and jizzing down his own throat. It made me feel like a dumb-ass for all the times I tried eating my cum through other methods…

Having said that, I’m not the biggest fan of man-juice, so I haven’t utilized this technique as often as you’d think. But whatever! I’m man enough to admit that I’ve done it a few times and moaned in pleasure as a warm load splashed onto my tongue and lips. In fact, there may even be pictures of me with cum stuck in my beard. It’s impossible to say.

Of course, this isn’t about me! Let’s get back on track to the original question in this post. Have you ever shot a load into your own mouth? Feel free to share all the juicy (no pun intended) details. Or posts links to video footage. Preferably, the latter of the two options…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Defiant Boyz

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And here’s a GIF of that scene from Shortbus