Have You Ever: Masturbated At Work?

A 36 year-old Brazilian woman was granted the right to legally masturbate at work. No, we’re not making this shit up. This is actually a real news item floating around the internet. You see, Ms. Ana Catarian Bezerra suffers from a chemical imbalance which “triggers severe anxiety and hypersexuality”. The only way to relieve it all? Masturbating. A whole lot.

Given how stressful the job environment can be, wouldn’t it be great if all workplaces adopted a masturbation policy? It’d be especially helpful for our job at Manhunt Daily, where we have no choice but to watch sexy-ass dudes fucking one another all day long. For example, take a look at this double penetration scene between Trent Diesel, Gabriel Clark and power bottom Andrew

The trailer alone got me so boned up that I almost ran into the bathroom to rub one out. Alas, I am much more professional than most of you would think, so I just sat at this desk with a raging boner while Trent literally flipped Andrew over and proceeded to pound him doggystyle. (Note: If I have anything to say about it, I’m getting pounded this hard TONIGHT.)

Now, here’s the fun part of the post–have any of you ever masturbated (or contemplated masturbating) at work? Don’t lie to me. I’ve witnessed several guys on Manhunt Video Chat loosening up their ties and undoing their belts in the office, and that’s not even taking account those of you who sneak off to the bathroom for a quick fapping session. Leave a comment with one of your stories!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocky Boys

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