Have You Ever: Bleached Your Anus?


“We’re not going to get on your case about the color of your butt hole, but we know that a lot of guys are self-conscious about the color of their asses.”

That’s the product description for Pink Daisy Bleaching Cream, a new product in the Manhunt Shop. As of today, I’ve reread it to myself at least twenty times, because I’m utterly fascinated with the concept of anal bleaching.

Are that many people really self-conscious about the color of their buttholes? What prompts this insecurity? Bending over and looking in the mirror? Taking spread-eagle shots for their Manhunt profiles? Comments from an unsatisfied lover? Societal pressure to have the prettiest anus on the block?

It’s all such a mysterious world of vanity to me… And yet I’m left wondering maybe, just maybe, I should give it a try?

This Pink Daisy stuff seems like a nice way to dabble in anal bleaching without fully committing to the process. It’s far less costly than spa-based treatments, far less painful than laser treatments, and it seems like it would avoid my number one concern—irritation and discomfort down below.

With that said, I still have some questions! How long and how often do you have to apply at-home bleaching products like this? Is my hole off limits while I’m using them? I guess what I’m trying to ask is, can Colby Jansen fuck me like this while I’m in the process of beautifying my man-cooter?

Please share your experiences! I’m genuinely curious.

– Dewitt