Guy From Sexist Douche Ad Is Hot

The other Mr. Harvey and I were watching a Golden Girls rerun when this ad popped up with the above dude playing a husband in the shower. His wife informs him that he’s lathering with the new Summer’s Eve shower gel. For those of you not in the know, Summer’s Eve is primarily known for being a brand of douche. Their ad with the mother and daughter walking on the beach and discussing their vaginal freshness is forever burned into the average American’s pop culture consciousness.

Anyway, the hot dude freaks out ’cause “ew, that’s a girl’s thing”, and he begins doing “manly” things to make up for it. Because men are insecure and stupid creatures. *sigh* We need smarter ads. Let me tell you this. In high school, it was not unknown for the Harvey boys to use Mrs. Harvey’s Secret deodorant if we were out of our own. I can admit it! And I remained manly! Well, my brothers did. I grew up to chug cock and really get into RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I totally just proved this commercial right. If you use products designed for woman, you will either grow ovaries or suck dick. At least the guy’s hot.

– J. Harvey

Check out the hot dude in the douche ad below: