Gingers: The Boys Who Were Kissed By Fire

While the US ranks seventh in the world when it comes to homicide (placing us only behind such organized crime-riddled, psychopath-ruled countries as Russia, Colombia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and the, one must assume, frustratingly-cramped India), it’s not actually a totally awful place to be if you’re lucky enough to among the 2-6% of the population with the recessive gene on chromosome 16, making you a redhead or, as the kids say, “ginger”.

Being a bona fide “ginger” myself, and having lived in countries other than the US, I know from first-hand experience that Anglo-centric commonwealth countries like Scotland, Britain and Australia just LOVE to torment and alienate gingers – anything to distract you from the banality of daily life there, I guess.

NOT the US though.

Why, if you’re a ginger in the US, it’s almost like you’re some kind of wonderful, exotic parrot that is to be admired and preened which, needless to say, is more pleasant than having peanut butter sandwiches thrown at your head as a group of sunburn-impervious blond and brown-haired boys aggressively call you a “blood nut”. (Thank you, childhood…)

One man who loves gingers, clearly to the point of a soul-edifying obsession, is film-maker Antonio da Silva, whose most recent film Gingers straddles the line between documentary and porn in that charming, somewhat ubiquitous, stylized way that makes it easier to feel like you’re learning about humanity as you stare at beautiful naked men. Set to a soundtrack of Gregorian chant, Gingers features a whole host of ginger guys firstly talking about their ginger lives as the camera lingers on their white faces, chests and legs and the ginger bristles that cover them and then shows them getting off in their ginger way.

Here’s a preview:

You can see the entire film by going here and making a donation.

And once you’ve done that, and you’ve already done a search for video of Blu Kennedy and Kennedy Carter (together!), and you’re thinking to yourself, “I wonder if there’s a place I can go this very week to check out a whole lot of sweet-assed ginger boys all in the one room…”, then you’re in luck! If you live in NYC, Manhattan’s famous 14th Street bar, Nowhere, is hosting “Fire In the Hole” their monthly Ginger party this very Thursday night.  Here’s the info. And here’s their visual inspiration.

So, in short, it’s probably a good idea to kiss a charming ginger lad today; they’re genetically pre-disposed to being pretty good at it, don’t you know…

– Charley Flynn