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Manhunt member ncboy1982, who you might recognize from our Top or Bottom series, won a free one-month membership to Maverick Men for sending in an utterly epic response to last Friday‘s contest. His erotic tale, albeit fictional, inspired me to breathe new life into It Happened On Manhunt, our ongoing series featuring true stories about hooking up, finding love and making connections you never thought were imaginable.

So here’s the deal!

As part of Reader Appreciation Month, anyone who sends in a submission for It Happened On Manhunt before December 1st will be eligible to win SIX FREE MONTHS of unlimited membership to Manhunt. Your story can be about anything—great sex, friendship, meeting your husband, starting a club for rimjob enthusiasts—but you might want to go here to find out what’s worked in the past.

All submissions should be sent to Though we’ll only be giving out one six-month membership, anyone whose story is published will receive the standard three-month membership “thank you” from us.

– Dewitt

Click through to see yesterday’s winners and read ncboy1982’s story:

Let’s start out with a date. A nice, simple dinner at a quaint little steakhouse. We eat, we have great conversation and a great time. Things are clicking; we have a lot in common and similar interests.

We decide to catch a movie at the local theater. I open the car door for you and drive you there and we decide on the movie, one we both have wanted to see. I buy the tickets and get in line and the concession stand where we buy our snacks for the movie. Since we had just eaten, it’s just some candy and soda.

We find our seats and watch some of the trailers for the upcoming movies. We comment on how some of them look good and note the ones we would be interested in seeing when they come out. Then the lights go out and the movie comes on. The movie is good and holds our attention. I reach over and take your hand, which you willingly give me, and we hold hands for the rest of the movie.

When it’s over, we leave the theater and decide to go to my place for a nightcap. I open the door for you and drive to my place, which is only 5 minutes from the theater.

We arrive out my place and you comment on my Halloween decorations, and I comment that I am taking them down this weekend and that I can’t believe that Halloween is over and the 2012 is almost over, for that matter.

I grab you a beer from the fridge, and we sit on the couch talking about holiday plans, the movie, what we are going to buy our family for Christmas before I reach over and kiss you. Not just a pop kiss, but a long and sensual kiss. It took you by surprise but you quickly recover and start kissing back, strong, aggressive and passionate. I respond with just as much aggression as you’re giving me.

I start exploring your body with my hands and I like what I feel. You respond as well, hands running down my back and shoulders, running on the waist line of my jeans.

You pull away, look deep into my blue eyes, seems like you are searching for the answer to an unasked question. For a second, I think things went too fast, but then there was a glisten in your your eyes as you take off your shirt. I start kissing on your chest, lightly licking your nipples, exploring and trying to find your hot spots. You’re enjoying this, moaning and groaning so slightly.

I get down to the edge of your jeans, and I can feel the hardening of your cock as your body is responding to my touch. Not wanting to go there just yet, I continue to kiss over your chest and stomach as I rub my hands along your legs. As I continue, you’re starting to squirm a bit more, and I can tell that you are wanting things to continue.

I pull back, take my shirt off and look into your eyes this time. You nod and stand up from the couch. I fumble with your belt buckle, then the button on your jeans. You would be wearing jeans with the button-up fly, just to make it harder to get to your goodies.

But they don’t keep my away, I finally get them unbuttoned and pull your jeans down, leaving your underwear still covering up your hard on. I kiss your legs and thighs through the fabric, being careful not to touch the hardening erection that is fighting against the fabric in front of me. You’re still moaning and groaning now, enjoying the energy that is flowing through your body.

Finally, I can no longer stand the wait and I reach down and release your erection. I smile. I like what I see. But I still resist from just going to town. I kiss your thighs, lick around the shaft and lick on your balls. I do this for a few moments before glancing up at you. You look down at me and smile a smile that instantly melts any resolve I have.

I slide my mouth over you. Your eyes close and you let out a long moan. I suck your dick like nothing before. I use all the tricks I have learned and studied. I take my time, start out slow at first, then I build up my speed, but changing tactics to keep it interesting. It seems to be working; I can feel your body quivering and feel the intensity building up.

Not wanting this to end, I stop and stand up. You look surprised at first until I take your hand and lead you to my bedroom. I take the rest of my clothes off and watch as you watch me with approval in your eyes. You take your jeans off and lay them on the arm of a rocking chair that is in the corner.

I take a look at you in the dimly lit room. I admire your body at this point and really like what I see even more. I can tell you do the same. I close the distance between us and pull you in for a kiss, a long and hot kiss. We explore each other’s mouths like NASA exploring space, without all the budget cut backs.

I gently lower us onto the bed. I continue the kiss for a few more seconds before I start exploring your body. I kiss down your chest, lick around your balls but continue down your legs all the way down to your feet where I lightly kiss your toes. Then I start my way back up, stopping at your dick. I take you back in my mouth and start working on you. You moan, squirm and run your fingers through my hair. I work you back up to the brink before I stop and look into your eyes. You seem to know what I am asking without saying words. I nod and you change positions, you get on all fours. I smile and start rimming you, getting you ready for the next phase, what we just discussed with our eyes, no words.

Oh I can tell you like this, you’re squirming even more uncontrollable than before. After a few minutes of this, I can tell that you are ready and wanting. I reach into a drawer on the nightstand, get the lube and a condom. I cover you in lube, apply the condom and some lube and look at you in this position. Just seeing you like that makes me even hornier, harder, ready to thrust myself into you.

I kiss your back some, rub myself along your opening before I start to push through, starting out slow, letting you get used to my presence there. You moan, arch your back for easier access. I push harder but slower. Waiting for you to adjust. But you’re not having the slow part, you want it and you want it bad. You jerk back and shove the rest of me in. We both moan loudly. Then, I let you have it.

All of the passion, aggression and energy that has been building between us is unleashed. We’re in sync, one motion. I thrust forward as you thrust back against me. The sensation is amazing. We continue this for a moment. I can see the sweat start beading on your back and can feel my own sweat running down my back. It feels great.

I keep thrusting inside you as you move your legs, now laying flat down on your stomach. Our bodies meet, the sweat sticking us together. It makes a squishing sound as I am thrusting. I chuckle on the inside at the sound. You’re moaning loudly now, with my grunts echoing yours.

We change again, this time you’re on your back and now we are looking at each other while I am thrusting ferociously inside you. You’re jerking off now, which is a sight so hot to me and making me even harder. The feeling of being inside you is getting more intense, almost unbearable, in the good way of course.

We continue this position for a few. Sweat drips from my forehead onto your chest. It feels like it’s 100 degrees in my room but I don’t care. You’re so lost in the moment, the room could be on fire and you would still be there, staring in my eyes.

One last position change, my favorite. Somehow we maneuvered our sweaty bodies to where I am laying on my back and you’re riding me. Now you’re in control of me. The weight from your body feels great around my cock as you ride me like there is no tomorrow.

I’m rubbing my hands along your sweaty chest and our eyes lock. With a smile, you reach down and kiss me. I kiss back hard, biting your lip while I am jerking you off now. I can tell that you are close and won’t last much longer and neither will I.

We keep this up for a few more moments before you yell that you’re cumming. I yell it too as you shoot all over my chest, over my head and all over the wall and pillow case. I am cumming at the same time into the condom as your orgasm make your hold clinch tight. We’re both screaming in ecstasy, hands lock in each other’s and squeezing tightly.

After the aftershocks from our orgasms subside, I make a joke about needing to change the sheets and that you know you had great sex when you need to change them. You laugh and we clean up. I invite you to the shower where we shower together.

I invite you to spend the night to which you agree. After changing the sheets and offering you a pair of gym shorts, we climb into my bed. As we spoon, me holding you, we drift to sleep; both of us have big grins on our face.




The following Manhunt members shared their ultimate fantasy gangbang guest lists, in an attempt to win a free one-month membership to Fraternity X. They won! To celebrate their individual victories, I’m printing their top ten men without their consent!

1. Kealii5678‘s top ten included “Paul WalkerJensen AcklesRyan PhillipeIan SomerhalderHayden ChristensenJustin HartleyChanning TatumMatt BonerJustin TimberlakeRicky Martin“. We assume that ‘Matt Boner‘ was an intentional typo.

2. Liguyny3 tells us “My ultimate fantasy gangbang starts off with Jake Gyllenhaal as the bottom, and fucking his beautiful hole beside me would be: YOU! Dewitt, of course (although I might flip you off to the side), Jason StathamShemar MoorePatrick WieseBig DipperFrancois SagatArpad MiklosDamien Crosse and Tommy Defendi.” This just goes to show you that flattery will get you everywhere. Especially if you look like liguyny3, and you’re talking to me.

3. Pjacks20four7 wants “One black slut bottom: Myself! Ten hung white studs: Adam LevineJake GyllenhaalMichael FassbenderEminemColby KellerMatt BomerDaniel CraigTom HardyScott CaanRobert Pattinson” He jacked off shortly after writing this message, though his Manhunt name seems to suggest that he never stops jacking off.

4. Last but not least, Dummaque wrote in, “Well, in my fantasy gang bang, the two bottoms would be football player Tim Tebow and Congressman Aaron Schock. Tops taking their turn with these two cocksluts would be Spencer Reed (minus roidy bacne and douchey posturing), Christian Wilde, Ricky Martin, Colby Keller, Jason Branch (where did he disappear off to?), Jon Hamm, David Beckham, and Tyler Alexander (from” His highlights, however, are what won this for him: