Gay Terms We Like: Butt Pirate

Avast ye mateys, we shall pillage that booty! Let’s try a little something with our “Gay Terms We…” feature. Yep, I have no problem being called a “butt pirate.” I think it sounds manly. I like ass, and pirates are cool! They’ve got hooks for hands, they swashbuckle for treasure, and they enslave nubile young men to serve on their ships! There’s eye-patches, and if the talking parrot gets too irritating, you can shoot a musket ball at it! Plus, it’s fun to talk in pirate dialect.

So take said pirate, and then make sure the booty he’s scavenging for is the high and tight butt of the hottest landlubber around! How is that an insult? If a homophobe calls me that, I raise my mug of grog and drink one to him. BUTT PIRATES UNITE!

Speaking of butt pirates, we give you Reese Rideout and Tristan Scott. These two chow down on each other’s asses like sexy pigs at a trough, and then Reese takes Tristan for a spin on his cock. Consummate butt pirates!

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Randy Blue