Gay Terms We Hate: Boi

I was born at night, but not last night. So I know I am going to be receiving several “Go fuck yourself, J. Harvey! – CuteAzzBoi” love letters in the comments section. But seriously – why “boi?” It’s not even that it makes you sound rather femme. Many of us ARE rather femme. And that’s A-OK. It just makes you sound a LITTLE too precious and cutesy for words. Why abandon the “y?” There’s other ways to express your individuality. Pierce something, or perhaps declare your hatred of Darren Criss.

When someone referring to themselves as “boi” hits me up on Manhunt (no, you can’t have my profile name), my mind IMMEDIATELY pictures them as sulky, pouty, high-maintenance, and having difficulty in acting their age.

In the lesbian butch and femme community, some (wait for it) BOYISH lesbians reportedly use that word to describe themselves. But that’s outside of Manhunt’s territory. Here’s the definition as it relates to us gay guys (via Wikipedia):

A (generally) younger guy who prefers older men, and is the “boi” in a “DADDY and boi” dating, relationship, or sexual situation, where “boi” is used to differentiate between someone who is underage, and someone who just identifies as the younger guy who wants or needs an older man. In this context, “boi” can be masculine or effeminate, or anywhere along that spectrum, and some males identify as a “boi” well beyond their 20s, and especially so as long as they are involved with older men. Often, though not always, prefers the submissive role.

The term is still irritating to me, but fair enough.

However, some of the men who are referring to themselves as “bois”? If that definition is accurate, your boyfriend must be 72. *dodges thrown objects*

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Broke Straight Boys

For some shots of Chad (who could get away with using “boi” as a descriptor despite it being lame), Follow the JUMP: