Gay Ass Gossip: Let’s Consider Taylor Kitsch

ITEM – Those endless ads for the John Carter flick have been dominating television lately. And the only thing eye-catching about them is former Friday Night Lights actor Taylor Kitsch as the title character.  Who gives a shit about CGI Mars? We do when there’s a nummy guy in a loincloth running around and wagging his sword. More sexy pics of Kitsch pics after the break!

– J. Harvey


ITEM – All that kneeling and genuflecting has paid off for NFL superstar Tim Tebow. He reportedly went on a date with the equally wholesome country star Taylor Swift. What you can’t see right now is me miming sticking my finger down my throat. You know the two of them think that they would be the ones Jesus would select for the ark, right? He’s somewhat irritating (but hot), and her fakery face when she got the standing “O” at the Grammys this year was the opposite of cute. That being said, they’d probably have attractive children. Unless that saying is true and two beauties make an ugly. In that case, at least the kid will have money.

Or, she could very well just be a celebrity beard.