Gay Ass Gossip: Daniel Craig Says “No” To Possibility Of James Bond Being Gay


ITEM – The new Bond flick Skyfall is getting rave reviews, particularly in its choice of villian. Javier Bardem plays Silva, a bleached-blond psychopath who shares an interesting scene with a tied-up Bond that’s got everyone speculating if Bond’s Walther PPK has been slung into a dude holster at some point in time.

One of the red carpet queen’s over at E! asked  Daniel Craig at a recent event if he could ever see Bond as being gay:

“No,” Craig said when I asked if he could ever imagine a “gay James Bond.”


“Because he’s not gay,” he said. “And I don’t think Javier’s character is either—I think he’d f–k anything.”

Way to be cunty. He’s a fucking spy. He specializes in undercover work, and pretending to be other people. He probably had to kiss a guy at least once in his career. Who the fuck are you – Ian Fleming? God, you look good in trunks.

– J. Harvey

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