Fuck, Marry, Block: The Guys J. Harvey Most Wants To Fuck On “The Ten” This Week

Selfish, I know, but hey – you get to see more pics of these humpy bastards so everybody wins. My favorite feature on Manhunt Daily is undoubtedly “The Ten”. My subtle yet powerful co-blogger Dewitt pits ten smokeshow guys against each other in a fuckability contest and there can be only two for the win! It’s painful, nerve-wracking, and the guys are SO DAMN HOT. Anyway, this week’s contestants include my new favorite porn star (Sorry, Heath) Nick Sterling and his bubblicious ass, porn legend and permanent wank material Paul Wagner, and straight but not narrow gay rights activist and fitness guru Scott Herman.

“Fuck” and “Marry”, sure. But “Block”? How? I feel your pain. But life is full of difficult choices, and what doesn’t kill us makes usstronger. Or whatever cliche you want to chew on when trying to determine which hot guy to axe.

– J. Harvey

To play “Fuck, Marry, Block” with Nick, Paul, and Scott – Follow the JUMP:

Nick Sterling

Paul Wagner

Scott Herman