Fuck, Marry, Block: The A-List New York

There’s no sense in even typing “…love to hate” because everyone just hates the “taste-makers” of Logo’s The A-List: New York. There hasn’t been a group of homosexuals making the gay community as a whole look this bad since The Village People (one of you is going to comment-slap me for that one). And yet, we’re still watching the adventures of NYC’s shadiest and shallowest gays. What does it say about us? Well…boredom could be a motive.

So why not subject three of the boys to (say it along with me, audience) FUCK, MARRY, BLOCK!

We’re not including Reichen (he’s sort of marriage material) and Mike Ruiz (when he’s not sporting THIS mess, he’s pretty hot) because they’re a little obvious. Let’s go with Austin (cute but irritating troublemaker), Derek (the guy who bragged that he was Lindsay Lohan’s bestie, blech), and Ryan (the roundish one who isn’t quite as gross personality-wise as these other two). I’d include TJ, but he’d like it too much.

If these three do nothing for you, Nyasha’s always available. Oh, and get ready for the Dallas version. Yeehaw? *sad face*

You know the drill. You have to fuck one, marry one, and block one from your Manhunt profile.

– J. Harvey

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