Follow Friday: @jasunmark

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When we posted pictures of Gay Daily Hot blogger Jasun going to town on muscular stud Max Blake, nearly half of your comments were about how much you wanted to have sex with Jasun. It was almost as if Max didn't even exist! Not that we don't understand or anything. I mean, if we had a list of fellow gay bloggers we'd like to fuck, he'd be towards the top of it.

Aside from being insanely attractive, Jasun also has the brains to back it up. You may be surprised to discover that his Twitter feed (@jasunmark) reaches beyond the standard porn blogger fodder. Sure, he'll post pictures of Bo Dean fucking some young jocks. But he also has a tendency to address important political issues. And quote Ricky Martin lyrics.

While you're updating your page to follow this stud's tweets, don't forget to add us too: @Manhunt and @DewittDaily. Because how much fun can you have on Twitter without a little naughtiness?

– Dewitt