Florian Bourdila: Hairy, Scruffy, Drop Dead Gorgeous

Hold my hand and tell me to breathe deeply! I think I just found my newest fiancé. His name is Florian Bourdila, we wrote about him so long ago that the pics are unfortunately gone, and I can’t believe I never noticed I need to marry him prior to this day.

I can’t get over his body hair pattern. It’s like someone went into my brain and figured out exactly what would push me into a lustful frenzy, and then proceeded to paint it onto Florian’s slim frame with the utmost tenderness and attention to detail.

Like, that’s not even a treasure trail! It’s a treasure expedition.

Fuck me. I’ll be drafting up invitations to our wedding later tonight, in case anyone wants to keep me company and/or suck my dick… What? Just because I’m getting married to Florian, that doesn’t mean our bond will be entirely monogamous. What if Troy Daniels comes crawling back to me and wants us both to tag-team his insatiable butthole? I couldn’t say no to that offer.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: David Macgillivray

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