Flashback Fridays: Forest Ranger Ben

It’s the middle of summer. Why are we posting pictures of some guy in long johns? Because we can! Don’t ask such questions when there’s a hairy “forest ranger” (with a retro pornstache) waiting to whip his cock out. It’s rude, especially when he went the extra mile and spread his fuzzy cheeks for you…

This particular spread comes from a 1988 issue of Stallion Magazine. Frankly, if we owned a copy of this, the pages would be stuck together with dried-out jizz. You’d have to pry them apart, the images would get torn up and it’d be an all-around mess. Luckily for you? This won’t be a problem! The pictures are now on the internet, here for your viewing pleasure.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Lobo Studio / Stallion Magazine

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(via Retro Men Plus)